What Is Liquid Carbon Dioxide and What Can It Be Used For?

What is liquid carbon dioxide and what can it be used for?

The demand for liquid carbon dioxide continues to rise due to its many different uses and benefits in a variety of industries. At nexAir, we proudly provide our customers with gases, such as CO2, that have been mixed, filled and tested to meet your unique needs. 

What is carbon dioxide?

Carbon dioxide is a compound of carbon and oxygen and is colorless, odorless and non-flammable. While its’ gaseous form is commonly used during processes such as photosynthesis and in the medical and healthcare industry, its liquid form has become pretty popular amongst various industries. 

What is liquid carbon dioxide?

Liquid carbon dioxide is – you guessed it – CO2 in liquid form. It is created by compressing carbon dioxide gas, and then cooling it, further creating a liquid. Liquid carbon dioxide can be extremely beneficial to practices such as the freezing and chilling of food products, carbonation of beverages, decaffeination of coffee, controlling chemical reactions and in fire extinguishers. Keep reading to learn more about our expert industry KnowHow on a few of the most common uses of liquid CO2. 

Uses of Liquid Carbon Dioxide

Freezing and Chilling of Food Products: Liquid CO2 is used as a cooling agent to keep food items at a constant temperature during storage and transportation. Compressed carbon dioxide is used in the production of soft drinks and helps preserve bottled soft drinks. 

Decaffeination of Coffee: Because liquid CO2 is a versatile solvent, it is commonly used to de-caffeinate coffee. 

Fire Extinguishers: Liquid CO2’s non-flammable properties, allows it to safely and effectively put our fires by cooling the surface, preventing further damage. 

Entertainment Industry: A surprising, yet common use of liquid carbon dioxide is in the entertainment industry as fog and haze effects. The cloud effects that you see at concerts and the foggy scenes that you see in movies have a little help from liquid CO2. 

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We want nothing more than to see our customers Forge Forward with their projects and practices. That’s why, at nexAir, we are highly trained, educated and skilled to assist you on the spot with any problems or questions you may have, and are always readily available to share our KnowHow. Please reach out to our team if you have any questions about liquid CO2 – we would love to help you learn more! As always, thank you for choosing nexAir for your gas and supply needs! 

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