What Makes nexAir Different

What Makes nexAir Different

Since nexAir was established in 1940, our main goal has been to provide high-quality and industry-grade gases and welding supplies to various industries in the Southeast. Our mission has always been to help you Forge Forward toward a stable and profitable future despite ever-changing consumer needs.

However, nexAir is so much more than a gas supplier. Over the years, we have gained knowledge, streamlined processes, mastered techniques, and invested in technologies that let us identify what you need so you can move closer to business success.

Take your business higher with the help of our KnowHow. Apart from being the supplier of products and the equipment you need to keep your operations going, we are a trusted partner for finding the most cost-effective solutions for your company.

Discover what makes us different from other gas suppliers in the Southeast.

Services That Are Available to All Industries

If you’re looking for a gas supplier or a welding equipment provider, you want to make sure that they’re laser-focused on their job which is to help you do yours properly. You want a partner that prioritizes your agenda instead of their own. 

At nexAir, you can have peace of mind knowing that your success will always be our primary goal, regardless of your industry.

We provide medical gases for hospital settings and healthcare facilities. Our team transports industry-grade gases to businesses that run fully-automated CNC processes. We also provide welding equipment for shops throughout the Southeast region. 

Because of our deep experience and business longevity, we have learned which products work best for the varying needs of clients in different industries. Our gases and equipment exceed industry regulations and your expectations. We make sure that you always have what you need to perform flawlessly and punctually. 

Whether you’re looking for specific gas products or welding techniques and technology, you can count on our industry experts to nudge you in the right direction. This way, you can confidently make business decisions that steadily propel your brand forward.

Success That Begins and Ends With Safety

When you choose a gas and welding equipment supplier, you want a partner that can help you build the future you envision for your business. The team should be as dedicated as you are to growing your business without sacrificing quality or safety.

At nexAir, safety will always be our standard operating procedure. To us, employing safety measures is never an option or a question — we always put it first. Our insights, suggestions, and product offerings are centered on the safety of our team and our customers. 

Our team undergoes regular training sessions to ensure safe practices and compliance with the company’s existing ISO certifications. This also lets our people remain updated with the latest trends and innovations that keep the industry going.

We have been around for over 80 years. Our knowledge, sources, techniques, and technology are unmatched because we continue to understand how they evolve. Let nexAir help you move closer to your vision. Contact us now to learn more.


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