What Type of Welding Equipment Is Used in Automotive Shops

What Type of Welding Equipment Is Used in Automotive Shops?


The shift toward shared mobility, connectivity solutions, and feature upgrades is positioning the automotive industry for a $1.5 trillion potential revenue in 2030. This is in addition to the projected $5.2 trillion from traditional car sales and aftermarket services.

During the last five years of analysts’ projections, from 2025 to 2030, new mobility services (e.g. car sharing and e-hailing) and macroeconomic factors are anticipated to cause a 3.6% drop in the projected annual growth rate and will slow to 2% by 2030.

Ensure your automotive shop’s consistent revenue and profitability by having all the tools and equipment you need to address your customers’ car repair and maintenance needs.

nexAir has all the welding supplies you need to get any automotive job done. We can advise you on which equipment your automotive shop needs. Check them out below.


Make a List of Everything You Need for Auto Repair Welding

Before you can determine the types of welding tools and equipment that you need at your automotive shop, it’s best to narrow down the welding services you want to provide.

The most common types of automotive welding services include damage repair due to vehicle age or collision. Vehicle frame and fender welding, for example, involves cutting out warped metal pieces and repairing or replacing them with automotive welding. 

Auto technicians can perform welding services on a car exhaust to address holes and other damages caused by age, rust, and constant use. Meanwhile, technicians might need a TIG (tungsten inert gas) welder to efficiently fix cracked metal wheel frames and related damages.

Welding is generally a tool-intensive trade. You need high-quality welding tools and equipment to perform the aforementioned tasks as well as other welding tasks. For this reason,  your automotive shop should always have the following essentials:

  • TIG and MIG (metal inert gas) welding equipment
  • Industry-grade welding torch
  • Welding clamps and curtains
  • Welding gas cylinders made from steel sheets
  • Gas regulator of acetylene and oxygen gases
  • Separate hose pipes for acetylene and oxygen gases
  • Angle grinder for cutting, deburring, grinding, finishing, and polishing
  • MIG pliers for loosening, and tightening the nozzle, and other functions
  • Metal brush made with stainless steel wires and bristles to clean the work surface
  • Chipping hammer to work alongside the metal brush in cleaning the surface
  • Soapstone as a heat-resistant marking tool for metal sheets
  • Safety helmet, gloves, and goggles
  • Heat-resistant welding jacket and apron
  • Ear plugs, ear muffs, or other hearing protection


Find Quality Welding Equipment at nexAir

nexAir is dedicated to helping your organization ForgeForward through our carefully curated welding supplies and equipment. Our welder generators, plasma cutters, consumables, safety equipment, and other tools adhere to strict industry standards.

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The automotive industry regards us as a trusted specialist in welding supplies and equipment. Regardless of your industry, we are invested in your business’ sustainability. So, with the help of our thorough KnowHow,  you’re perfectly geared for innovation and success.

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