Why Dry Ice Blasting is Taking Over the Industry

Why Dry Ice Blasting is Taking Over the Industry

What is dry ice blasting?
Dry ice blasting combines compressed air and CO2 pellets to freeze and blast away contaminants on the surface. This method of cleaning has some amazing benefits, which leads to it being the preferred cleaning practice among professionals. In this article, we will use our KnowHow to further explain the benefits of dry ice blasting to allow you to make informed decisions next time you need a thorough cleaning job.  



Dry ice blasting requires less tools, chemicals, equipment and operators which further reduces the overall time, effort and cost. This allows business owners, as well as employees to divide their work more efficiently and be more thoughtful with their resources and time. 

Traditional cleaning typically requires harmful chemicals, many tools such as scrapers and is a tedious practice that uses extra energy and effort. Dry ice blasting is awesome because it only needs one person to operate and little to no cleanup, making it an overall quick cleaning method. 

No harmful chemicals are used during the dry ice blasting process. Sounds too good to be true, right? As previously mentioned, dry ice blasting only uses CO2, and does not release it back into the atmosphere. This makes this process not pollute the earth or contribute to the greenhouse effect. That alone makes this cleaning practice an A + in our book! 

Lower cost = Higher profit
This is a job for one machine and one operator. Why is this a good thing? Think about all that you will be saving. To start, no extra cleaning equipment is needed, which takes out the unnecessary products and tools. Second, by using one piece of equipment, there is only need for a single employee for each job. This is a great way to raise your average profit and clean more surfaces in less time! 

Safe for employees
No overworking employees here! Dry ice blasting eliminates the tedious, manual labor that everybody dreads and allows the operator to spend less time setting-up and more time perfecting the project. Along with that, this practice uses and produces no chemicals, so no one has to breathe in any toxins on the job. 

Less surface area damage
Other cleaning methods combine pressurized air with other media such as sand and plastic beads, leading to scratching or damage to the surface. Dry ice blasting uses only the relatively soft pellets, which once make contact with the surface, sublimate immediately. This quick switch to a gas still allows for a thorough clean, but results in minimal to no surface damage. 

There are many benefits of dry ice blasting along with various reasons why this is one of the safest and best cleaning methods available. At nexAir, we are always here to help you Forge Forward towards success with our KnowHow. Please feel free to reach out next time you have any questions or concerns. We will be happy to help you with your next project!

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