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Weld work impacts the world, and even beyond – from space travel to little kitchen appliances. nexAir understands the far-reaching role of the welding process in many industries and is committed to providing the highest-quality products and services for your welding needs.

nexAir is an established name when it comes to all things welding. Our selection of tools and equipment from gases to heavy duty power tools has served many industries for decades.

The Best Tools For Your Weld Project
Behind every successful weld project are the right skills and equipment.

First, let’s define what a quality weld job looks like.

A well-done weld is one that’s strong, neat, and seamless. It is also cost-efficient, safe, and fit for its purpose. A project that has a faulty weld, no matter how miniscule, could result in a breakdown.

An expert weld job is the key to creating products with uncompromised quality from framework to finish.

To do this, a skilled welding professional needs to be equipped with the right set of tools. Welding is a physically demanding job that requires precision and low quality instruments can jeopardize a project or put a worker in harm’s way.

You need a trusted supplier that can help you succeed in your projects and enhance your productivity. nexAir knows the tools of the trade and is committed to providing the finest products and services, along with expert guidance, that ensure the strength of your weld and your workers’ safety.

Our Products
Having an adequate supply of parts and materials for your TIG, MIG, or stick welding processes prevents unnecessary costs and disruptions that result when you run out of shielding gas or other consumables in the middle of a project.

We offer a selection of pure and mixed welding gases for your projects including argon and helium, and argon and carbon dioxide blends. We also carry a wide range of welders, torches, plasma cutters, wires, electrodes, clamps, hammers, and other tools and accessories from a range of globally recognized brands.

And if you need equipment for a short-term project, we also provide welding equipment rentals to help you get a welding job done at your work site for a fraction of the cost of buying new equipment.

Along with our complete line of welding and cutting equipment, our team of experts can help you set them up and ensure its smooth operation.

Helping You Forge Forward With Automation
We also provide welding automation equipment like the Vectis Cobot welding tool, Hornet cutting machines and systems, and the LightWeld handheld laser welding system. By combining products from top-tier brands and with our KnowHow, we’ll help you transition into automation and streamline your processes without unnecessary downtime.

nexAir automation products and services help your business consistently create high-quality products, increase productivity levels, enhance work safety on site, decrease tedious work, and mitigate your plant’s impact on the environment.

A Strong Partnership
We partner with you to help you respond to market demands in your industry. By continuously providing our customers with quality certified products, a seamless supply-delivery process, and advanced techniques for various industries, we’ll help you grow your capabilities and steer your company forward.

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