Join us as we Forge Forward in your community!

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At nexAir, we are more than a gas company. We are your trusted partner, woven into the fabric of your community. Our commitment goes beyond supplying gases; it’s about fueling growth, enhancing experiences, and making a positive impact wherever life takes you. With our comprehensive range of industrial and medical gas solutions, we proudly serve as the backbone of countless local businesses, making a difference in the lives of individuals across the Southeast United States.

When you step into your local hospital, you might not see us, but rest assured, nexAir is working behind the scenes, providing the vital gases that support the well-being and recovery of patients. nexAir also plays a pivotal role at your favorite local brewery. From carbonation to nitrogen blanketing, we supply the gases that bring their flavors to life. We take pride in partnering with these artisans, nurturing their creativity and helping them create the beers that bring your community together. When you order fresh produce from across the country, nexAir ensures it arrives at your doorstep in perfect condition. Our dry ice keeps perishables chilled and ready for your enjoyment. As construction cranes stretch toward the sky, nexAir is there, fueling the progress. We provide the gases that power welding and cutting, helping build your community.



Rooted in Your Community

When you see our logo on the side of a delivery truck or enter one of our bustling facilities, you’re witnessing more than just a company in action. You’re witnessing a team of dedicated professionals, from engineers to technicians, working together to ensure the smooth operation of our services. At nexAir, we believe in investing in our people, fostering a culture of growth, and creating a workplace that inspires excellence. Our commitment to local job creation means that your support translates into meaningful employment opportunities. From skilled technicians who ensure the safe and efficient operation of our facilities to customer service representatives who go above and beyond to meet your needs, every member of the nexAir team plays a crucial role in building a stronger community.

Join us as we Forge Forward in your community!

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Established in 1940 and Committed to Building Our Future

Since our establishment in 1940, nexAir has been a pillar of strength in the industrial gas industry. Over the years, we have adapted, innovated, and continuously strived to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Today, as we reflect on our rich history, we stand even more committed to building the future and expanding our impact within the community we proudly serve.

At nexAir, our journey has been one of growth and transformation. We have witnessed the evolution of technology, the rise of new industries, and the changing needs of our customers. Throughout it all, our unwavering commitment to excellence has remained constant. We have embraced change, leveraging it as an opportunity to pioneer new solutions and elevate the standards of the industries we serve.

As we look ahead, we are excited about the possibilities that lie before us. We will continue to adapt, innovate, and push boundaries, fueled by our passion for excellence. We are committed to forging partnerships, and collaborating with like-minded individuals and organizations to make a collective impact.

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