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ADDiTEC specializes in solving problems and creating opportunities using metal additive manufacturing (AM). The company has a rich heritage in the development of novel metal 3D printing technologies and recently launched its performance architecture for high-power laser DED with the capability of utilizing both metal wire and powder material feedstock. ADDiTEC engineers turnkey metal AM robotic systems tailored to customer requirements using its performance technology and offers R&D services as well as training and application development support to its customers.

Like nexAir, ADDiTEC is committed to deeply understanding their customers, so that their expertise goes beyond providing high quality products, but also customer-specific solutions and results-driven expertise.

Because ADDiTEC works with reactive metals, it was imperative to have a well-appointed argon distribution system. Because they were expanding their operation to 100+ machines, they made the move from argon cylinders to a micro bulk solution. The micro bulk tanks also give their operations a different level of capability, setting them up for expansion as well as an edge on their competition.

We are proud to partner with ADDiTEC as they continue to innovate and #ForgeForward into the future.

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