Keep Your Weekends. Drive for nexAir.

Keep Your Weekends. Drive for NexAir

Are you a route driver looking for new opportunities? Have you been searching for a position that doesn’t mean working on weekends and nights? nexAir may have what you’re looking for.

nexAir route drivers are considered invaluable members of the nexAir team. They’re entrusted with the important responsibility of delivering quality products to customers from a wide range of industries. You’ll be transporting and handling compressed gas and liquid cylinders and similar goods using our fleet of straight trucks. 

In return, nexAir provides its route drivers with work-life balance, fair compensation, competitive benefits, and schedules that don’t entail working weekends and long nights. You also get the stability that comes from working for a well-respected and trusted company that’s been around for over 80 years.


Why nexAir

nexAir goes above and beyond — not just for its products and services but for its employees as well. Here’s why experienced route and truck drivers should consider working for us: 

Competitive Pay

A job at nexAir provides fair and competitive compensation that’s in line with industry standards. We foster a pay-for-performance culture so you feel that your contributions are acknowledged and rewarded. 

Comprehensive Retirement Plan

Employment with us is a long-time partnership. This is why a comprehensive retirement plan is part of our benefits package. You can plan the future you want and we’ll help you get there.

Complete Insurance Coverage

nexAir cares about your wellbeing. We thus provide insurance coverage for your medical, dental, and vision needs. 

Leaves and Time Off

At nexAir, we work to live not live to work. We understand the importance of having time to decompress, be with family, and pursue interests outside of work. Work-life balance is important and we support this principle by providing our route drivers with ample vacation time and sick leaves. 

Working with us also means not having to spend your weekends and evenings driving so you can have time off that’s the same as your family’s.

Tuition Reimbursement

nexAir values ambition and we want to see you succeed. If you’d like to pursue higher education to further your career at nexAir, you can apply for tuition reimbursement and we can help you with the cost.


Are You the Person We’re Looking For?

Here’s how nexAir route drivers help us with our daily tasks:

  • They provide excellent customer service for regular and intermittent clients. Our route drivers are friendly, positive, and easy to communicate with.
  • They maintain and update all the essential vehicle shipping documents before and after deliveries.
  • Our route drivers keep our customers updated on delivery times, costs, and more.
  • They meticulously practice road and other safety rules while on the job.
  • Our drivers carefully monitor and identify the needs of our customers to eliminate and reduce emergency deliveries.
  • Route drivers are in charge of gathering and returning empty cylinders to our plants for refilling.
  • They can be counted on to drive straight trucks loaded with liquid cylinders, compressed gas cylinders, and other products.


Forge Forward Your Career With nexAir

While you’re on the road, you’ll often be the first person our clients meet when they receive our products. If you have the driving skills, the willingness to learn how we work and operate, can handle the goods that we transport, and don’t mind liaising with the people who keep us in business, we want to hear from you.

To learn more about the skills and requirements for this position, visit our webpage regarding the role.

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