How Customers Can Benefit from nexTrack

How Customers Can Benefit From nexTrack

Any industry that relies on a large volume of gas is bound to face certain roadblocks. In between handling cylinders, dealing with product shortages, and delivery blockages, there is less time to focus on what really matters — productivity.

nexAir, the world’s leading supplier of gas and welding supplies in the Southeast, has a solution that can help you deal with all of these problems.

nexTrack combines three innovative technologies to increase efficiency while enhancing the delivery and customer experience for all our clients.

What are these innovations and how do industries benefit? Let’s take a look. 


Logistics and delivery problems become a thing of the past with Roadnet technology. By implementing geo-coded drop locations, predetermined delivery time windows, and a customer-specific note system, nexAir’s team ensures that customers get their product exactly when and where they need it.

With Roadnet, customers can expect:

  • Delivery Updates: When an order is placed, customers will receive real-time updates. If there is a change in the expected time of arrival, they are immediately notified. 
  • Customized Messages: Customers have the option to choose how they would like to receive notifications. They can opt for text or email updates and pick the types of notifications they’d like to receive.
  • Delivery Confirmation: Customers receive a notification once the product has been delivered safely to the right place.

With Roadnet, customers can save a lot of time since they no longer have to deal with delivery bottlenecks. 

Advanced Cylinder Management 

Dealing with thousands of cylinders scattered across a number of plants, sites, and branches is a time-consuming process but it doesn’t have to be.

Through nexTrack’s Advanced Cylinder Management (ACM) system, customers can take advantage of unique identification numbers and barcodes to streamline processes related to the handling of cylinders. 

With our ACM, clients can: 

  • Collect real-time information on cylinders, increasing quality control
  • Reduce shortages through better utilization of assets
  • Gain access to a number of reports
  • Reduce the need for physical audits

In addition, ACM also allows clients to better manage cylinder assignments, handle cost allocations to the right departments, and monitor the departments that are responsible for returning cylinders.

ACM also offers a number of checks and balances. For one, it doesn’t allow the delivery of empty cylinders. It also lets clients scan all shipments and returns electronically with access to multiple scanning points throughout the supply chain. This ensures that returns are credited to the right department.

TIMs Electronic Delivery

Through the TED (TIMs electronic delivery) system, nexAir’s team of 200 drivers can go paperless while fulfilling customer orders. This innovation allows drivers to update a customer’s purchase order, delivery quantities, and lot numbers onsite, without dealing with an immense amount of paperwork. 

In case of an emergency, drivers can make changes to their routes and reschedule orders to meet our customers’ changing needs. 

Once nexAir supplies reach their destination, proof of delivery is emailed or printed from a mobile device, addressing several delivery-related issues. 

Since the 1940s, nexAir’s KnowHow has transformed the lives of clients across industries — from aerospace and chemicals to food and processing. Not only are we committed to providing the highest quality gases and welding materials, but we are also constantly looking for new technologies that can help companies Forge Forward

nexTrack is the latest proof of this commitment. 

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