How nexAir Brings KnowHow to the Energy Industry

How nexAir Brings KnowHow to the Energy Industry

As an energy company, your operations and productivity rely heavily on a steady energy source. Your power generation systems create energy that fuels industries, households, and other sectors. You belong to an industry that keeps economies moving. NexAir is here to support your uninterrupted flow of services.

Ensuring optimum operational and production efficiency requires power. NexAir understands and respects your role in fueling the world and its activities.

Whether your power source is from renewable or non-renewable sources, NexAir can provide you with the right gases and equipment to supply your power installations. As a crucial part of your daily operations, your energy source needs suppliers that have a deep understanding of how power plants work.

Top Energy Consumers in the US
In the United States, the three major fossil fuels are natural gas, petroleum, and coal. These three sources make up over 75% of energy production. In a highly industrialized country like the US, there is a high demand for energy from consumers.

Here are the 5 top sectors with the highest energy demand:

  • Industrial sector
  • Transportation sector
  • Residential sector
  • Commercial sector
  • Electric power sector

As one of the top consumers of energy, the energy industry requires reliable partners to ensure that operational capabilities aren’t compromised. Since many sectors rely on you, you can’t afford sub-par operations or slowed productivity.

A few minutes of downtime can mean losses, equipment breakdowns, work interruptions, and unmet client needs for you and your markets.

Energizing Operations With NexAir KnowHow
As an energy company, you’re expected to reliably generate and provide fuel and electricity to end-users. To deliver, you need an uninterrupted flow of power from a dependable partner that doesn’t just supply your need for fuel but also deeply understands your systems.

NexAir meets these challenges by providing top-quality industrial gasses so that you can process and transmit power to consumers. In addition, we provide smart solutions to help optimize various aspects of your gas consumption while addressing potential operational challenges with NexAir KnowHow.

Our KnowHow provides you with a team of experts who have extensive knowledge in the energy industry. With help from our technical professionals, we help you operate efficiently with NexAir ultra-pure industrial gases and equipment, our advanced delivery system, and reliable customer service.

We provide training, consultations, customized programs, and reliable assistance for industry-specific needs.

Energy Industry Gasses
Our industry-grade gasses meet the energy industry’s standards for power plant applications and processes.

Here are some of the gasses we supply:

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Carbon dioxide is a reactant in various biological processes that produce chemical building blocks necessary for energy production.

Hydrogen (H2)
Hydrogen is mainly used in biofuel, chemical processing, and increasing the cooling efficiency of utility generators.

Nitrogen (N2)
Nitrogen is an inert gas that serves as a blanketing agent to remove sensitive products and processes from the air. It can also be used to prevent contamination in piping and equipment.

Oxygen (O2)
Oxygen is commonly used in process heaters and boiling equipment, industrial fermenters for energy conversion, and gasification processes to enhance productivity.

Forge Forward with NexAir
We provide you with quality certified products, customer service, and KnowHow to help you energize industries, homes, institutions, transportation systems, and businesses without fail. 

Consider us your partner in delivering clean, sustainable, smart, and more profitable energy solutions to the world.

Together, we can deliver, empower, and fuel a positive impact for the current and future generations.


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