How nexAir Serves a Wide Variety of Industries

How nexAir Serves a Wide Variety of Industries

Whether you’re in the operating room getting ready for surgery, on an oil rig finishing up a weld, or operating a fully automated CNC configuration, you need products that work flawlessly every time. 

When they don’t work, you can’t either. That is why, at nexAir, we are committed to providing equipment, gases, and services that not only exceed regulations, but also expectations.

In this article, you’ll understand just how far our reach is, and why we work tirelessly to provide the best products and services to as many businesses as possible. 


Our Approach

We believe that true growth comes from embracing upgrades in technology and constantly bettering yourself in every domain. We’ve achieved this because of our focus and determination to serve as many industries as possible. 

Our approach is three-fold: Keeping up with the latest technology, the market demands of every industry we serve and constantly evolving in our own practices. 

We not only provide high-quality products to all of the industries we serve, but we are also committed to staying well-trained and educated on everything each industry requires to get the most out of the products we provide. What keeps us going is ensuring that our clients are efficient and ahead of the game.


The Industries We Serve


We provide a reliable supply of test and manufacturing gases for the aerospace industries. The specialty gases consist of argon, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen and many more.


We really emphasize our focus on getting you machinery and gases that will ensure that every seam, cut and part is the same across your manufacturing line. After all, that is the most important aspect of the automotive industry. 


When it comes to chemical testing and manufacturing processes, look no further than our team of professional chemists. Creating gases in our own lab, we supply all industry standard gases to you. 


Highrises. Baseball stadiums. Warehouses. Housing. You can rely on our people’s KnowHow to help you find and use the right materials for your construction projects, regardless of the various specifications and needs of your jobsite.


You can breathe easier now that you have the proper gas, no matter how deep you go. We bolster your need to explore by crafting the right mix of gases to help you go beyond normal depths when diving. 

Electronics Production

Recharge your businesses and turn up your production by partnering with nexAir.


Energize your supply chain with our lab mixed gases, our industry knowledge of installation, and deep understanding of energy sources. 

Food & Beverage

In the food industry, we know that your company relies heavily on high-quality blast chilling, flash freezing, and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). You’re in the service industry, and for you, so are we.

Here’s the other industries we serve with not just top notch products, equipment and machinery, but also the best service, maintenance and knowledge: 







Universities & Scientific Research

Welding & Metal Fabrication


Our KnowHow 

We serve a wide range of industries, so whether you’re taking flight, saving lives, or laying the groundwork for tomorrow, we can help. No matter your industry and your needs, we have the tools and the KnowHow™ to achieve your goals.

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