How Welding Automation Can Help You Overcome Staffing Shortages

According to the American Welding Society, about 314,000 new welding professionals will be needed by various industries by 2024, and 78,500 will be needed each year between 2021 to 2024.

The demand for highly skilled welders is promising for the profession, but also hints of possible shortages that could affect businesses whose products and services require welding. The opportunity is there, but action needs to be taken now to ensure that those gaps in capacity can be filled. 

The only viable solution is automation.

A Proactive Approach to Address Skills Shortage
While businesses and vocational schools will work to train more people and develop new welding professionals now to meet future needs, the gap could still widen due to changing market demands.

Businesses must then take it upon themselves to re-calibrate their present operational capabilities to pre-empt a possible staffing shortage in the future.

nexAir’s automation processes can help you streamline and improve your productivity by optimally combining machine work and manpower. To ensure that your business can meet its future needs, we will review your current processes, products, and services and assess areas that can be automated, including for welding. 

Automating your welding processes will ensure that you have the capacity to meet future demand, while enhancing speed and precision and ensuring that all your welded products meet the same high standard. In addition, through our KnowHow, our team can provide recommendations to make your processes automation-friendly.

Automate Your Processes, Overcome Future Staffing Shortages
Here are some ways automation can avert manpower scarcity and ensure operational continuity.

Employee Retention
Don’t lose your present workers to fatigue and unsafe work environments. Automation relieves your workers of tedious and time-consuming tasks, so they can take on more meaningful work and upgrade their technological, analytical, decision-making, and other skills.

Improved Productivity
Automation helps position businesses to meet future demand for their products and services through mass production. Through automated processes, your business will be able to launch new products and increase its output through new production lines that don’t interrupt your existing production processes.

Reduced Cost
Businesses lose workers everyday due to rising labor costs and other reasons, and hiring, training, and retaining new workers can be expensive. In addition, workforce attrition can severely impact your productivity. Businesses need to address the issue as early as possible to manage the risks and costs involved. Investing in automated processes that are aligned with your business’s specific needs is vital to your survival. 

The long-term benefits of automation can save you headaches triggered by not being able to sustain your production processes or satisfy your customers, as well as potential financial losses.

nexAir Helps You To Forge Forward Through Automation
Let nexAir’s KnowHow help you anticipate future requirements, plan the right course of action, and create solutions according to your automation needs.

Automation is the most sensible way to Forge Forward with greater efficiency, productivity, and workplace safety, and ultimately, turn challenges into opportunities. 


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