Is There a Future for Skilled Welders in a World of AI and Automated Welding?

Is There a Future for Skilled Welders in a World of AI and Automated Welding?

With AI and automation constantly changing how welders work, it only makes sense for welding professionals to wonder whether there’s a future for them. But the reality is that skilled welders will always be needed in many manufacturing industries, such as aerospace and automotive. AI simply streamlines tasks and allows for greater efficiency.

Here at nexAir, we constantly strive to prepare you for the ever-evolving welding industry. And that includes providing the supplies you need and sharing our insightful KnowHow into how you can navigate your way through it. Keep reading!

Automation: A Glimpse into the Future of Welding

AI and automation are already taking the brunt of the welding work so that professional welders can focus on more critical aspects than the menial, repetitive tasks. AI involves setting up equipment that can make smart decisions on autopilot — even without or with the minimal assistance of a human operator.

Meanwhile, much of the modernization in the welding industry involves automation – such as setting up equipment to follow a specific set of commands or processes that get welding tasks done much faster.

Take a look at the various benefits of integrating automation into the welding process:

  • Speed and consistency in task completion
  • Uniformly high-quality of the output
  • Decreased workload
  • Greater productivity
  • Better work safety

That said, automation is meant to simplify and speed up welding tasks. It isn’t capable of making decisions like AI can. So, a professional welder will still be around to observe the processes and ensure the automated tasks are going according to plan.

Anticipation: How Welders Can Adjust to Industry Changes

Some people worry that automation and AI will take over the welding industry. But while it’s true that we will continue to see more automation and AI integrated into welding processes, there’s no way they will render human workers useless.  In fact, skilled welders will bring even greater value to the industry because then, they can focus on planning, implementing, and improving complex projects.

On that note, the best way to adjust to inevitable industry changes would be to embrace automated welding, try to understand how it works, and find a way to integrate it into how you do things. Adopt the mindset that automation, artificial intelligence, and technological innovations are working for you. This way, you will find it easier to find new and improved techniques for efficient welding.

Let’s Talk About the Future of Welding

Curious about how you can Forge Forward while navigating your way through automated welding and other technological advancements in the welding industry?

Our team at nexAir has got your back. We want to contribute to your welding success. So from live product demos to equipment sales and rental to training and development, you can count on us to help you sharpen your automation skills and expand your welding knowledge. As a result, we help you boost overall productivity and profitability.

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