The Growing Need for Welders in 2022

The Growing Need for Welders in 2022

For two years, the global pandemic had an enormously detrimental effect on many economies. Many of its repercussions are still being felt today. Within the first few months, tens of millions lost their jobs due to closing businesses and reduced operations. 

A profession that seemed impervious to the downtrend was welding. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the demand for welders, cutters, solderers, and brazers will grow by 8% by 2030. About 49,200 job openings are expected each year which means that skilled welders will continue to enjoy a positive employment outlook.

Whether you’re a business owner or manager with welding operations or are a welding professional, this article and its discussion of the drivers that are fueling the demand for welders will be useful to you.


Growth Drivers for Welding Professionals

This rise in welding-focused jobs is driven by a surge in infrastructure projects and manufacturing industries. As we slowly revert to pre-pandemic levels, many American towns and cities are receiving funding to improve their roads, bridges, airports, and government buildings.

On the manufacturing front, businesses are getting a boost from favorable tax policies and operational costs. The government’s mission to get the economy back on its feet means supporting the manufacturing sector to stimulate job and income generation, supply, and spending.


Who’s Hiring: Skills and Job Fit

Various industries have a high demand for welding experts. These include construction, automotive, shipbuilding, railroads, aerospace, mining, energy, and more. 

Welding as a profession continues to evolve with the rise of welding automation. There is a high demand for skilled welding experts who know how to operate automated machines and can help create programs that automate welding processes.

It is, therefore, important for welding professionals to learn and update their knowledge of welding technologies so they can remain competitive and be a good fit for new jobs in the industry.


Qualifying for a Career in Welding

While it takes years of experience to master relevant and related skills, there are many ways to prepare yourself for a career in welding. Job seekers who wish to compete in this market should consider enrolling in training schools, supplementing learning with research, taking up apprenticeship opportunities, and familiarizing themselves with current trends.

Two areas that will surely give a candidate an edge are knowledge in metal fabrication and weld repair. Having these in-demand skills will secure one’s place as an artisan and specialist among companies that rely on welding automation.

While knowledge and skill are important, having a forward-thinking mindset is also critical. This attitude will help you anticipate and prepare for the future demands of such jobs and make you flexible enough to be willing to go where the opportunities lie.


Attracting Skilled Professionals

For companies looking to attract the best welding professionals, providing competitive wages and incentives, adequate safety measures, and continuous learning opportunities for your workforce are a must. 

nexAir can be your partner in continuously honing the skills of your employees as far as new welding technology applications and safety management are concerned. Our KnowHow equips your existing and new employees to contribute more towards increased productivity and product quality.

nexAir’s team of experts provides training, demonstration, and best industry practices and techniques that keep the knowledge flowing as you maximize your people’s potential.

The market is growing and with it comes the opportunity to Forge Forward. You can ensure your growth by hiring the right people and equipping them to rise to the occasion today and in the future with the nexAir KnowHow advantage.

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