nexAir in Construction

nexAir in construction

The construction industry is one of the largest and most diverse sectors in the world, with a wide range of sub-sectors and specialities. From building skyscrapers to paving roads, the construction industry provides essential infrastructure and housing for communities around the world. One critical aspect of the construction industry is the use of gas for various applications, such as heating, welding, and powering construction equipment – and as you could probably guess, we are proud providers of the gases that they use each and every day. Here is some more insight and our KnowHow on how gas is being put to use: 

  1. Fuel for Construction Equipment

Construction equipment such as bulldozers, excavators, cranes, and forklifts require fuel to operate. We play a significant role in providing fuel for these machines. Gasoline and diesel are the most common fuels used in construction equipment. However, recently, many construction sites have been switching to propane, natural gas, or biodiesel, which are more environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Gas companies like nexAir provide these alternative fuels to construction companies, reducing their carbon footprint and operating costs.

  1. Heating and Cooling

Many construction sites require heating and cooling systems for workers to operate comfortably. Gas companies like us play a critical role in providing propane to power these systems. Propane is an efficient and cost-effective fuel that can heat large spaces quickly. It is also a clean-burning fuel that produces fewer emissions than other fossil fuels.

  1. Welding and Cutting

Welding and cutting are essential processes in the construction industry. They require high temperatures and specialized equipment to join or cut metal materials. At nexAir, we provide welding and cutting gases such as oxygen, acetylene, and argon. These gases are essential for welding and cutting processes, and without them, construction workers would not be able to complete their tasks.

  1. Temporary Gas Service

Construction sites often require temporary gas service to power their equipment and provide heating and cooling systems. We are happy to provide temporary gas services for construction sites, ensuring that they have the fuel and energy they need to operate efficiently. Temporary gas service may include installing and maintaining temporary gas lines and providing propane to power construction equipment and heating and cooling systems.

These are just a few of the many ways that gas companies, like nexAir, can play a vital role in the construction industry. Without these essential services, construction companies would not be able to operate efficiently and complete their projects on time. At nexAir, we not only supply specialty construction gases, but we supply our construction customers with a consistent, high-quality supply of gases, equipment, services and KnowHow every step of the way. If there are any hurdles, issues or questions, our team will be there to ease your mind and resolve the problem. The customer’s success is our top priority – and together, we can Forge Forward. Please reach out to us if you are interested in getting started with a gas service today! 

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