nexAir’s Expertise: Forged by Deep Industry Experience

nexAir’s Expertise: Forged by Deep Industry Experience

nexAir’s success and longevity can be attributed to its dedication to exceeding client expectations and deep industry experience. While we could have merely focused on delivering gases and nothing more, our commitment to our clients has cemented our legacy. This customer-centric approach has been a key factor in nexAir’s 83 years of business success.

Today, nexAir’s clients span a wide range of industries that include healthcare, automotive, chemical, manufacturing, and medicine, to name a few. They all rely on our KnowHow as well as our reliable and precise gas supplies. 

Let’s take a look at a few case studies where our knowledge and experience made a pivotal difference for our valued clients.

Helping a Client Navigate a Nationwide Helium Shortage

In the midst of a nationwide helium shortage, nexAir worked closely with a client and assisted them in identifying and fixing leaks in their pipelines. This resulted in a 33% reduction in their helium usage and allowed them to continue operations despite challenging conditions. nexAir also advised a 10% reduction in the customer’s helium mixture which led them to enjoy significant savings without compromising quality. 

Aiding Welding Efficiency

DeShazo Crane, a global crane manufacturer, approached nexAir with a challenging welding request from one of its aerospace customers: They needed help with a specific welding process. Despite the fact that it was outside our usual scope, nexAir quickly analyzed the need, collaborated with DeShazo, and developed a workable approach that encompassed specific products, techniques, and employee training. This enabled DeShazo to identify and bring a critical part of the job in-house, turning their project into a success.

Enabling Automation and Maximizing Employee Efficiency

Taylor Manufacturing, a metalworking shop in Stevenson, Alabama, sought a solution to meet the demands of a new customer. They approached a nexAir Territory Manager who recommended integrating the Vectis Cobot welding tool into their operations. This programmable and efficient welding tool enabled Taylor to increase its production from one part per day with two welders to four complete parts per day with just one welder. By embracing automation and upgrading its technology, Taylor Machine & Welding was able to Forge Forward, meet deadlines, and fulfill their new customer’s requirements.

Upgrading Welding Set-up to Drive Efficiency

LMC, a leading manufacturer of separation and shelling equipment in Georgia, experienced a surge in demand for its food-grade machinery. However, their TIG welding thin gauge stainless parts required more time and skilled labor.  nexAir identified the IPG LightWELD handheld laser welding system as a suitable option for higher quality and faster production. The IPG LightWELD enabled LMC to improve quality and speed without hiring additional skilled welders.

Unlocking Signification Cost Reductions In Operations

NAK Kiln Services, a long-term customer of nexAir based in Georgia, specializes in kiln installation, repairs, and maintenance. They faced challenges with grinding and resurfacing work due to the cost and performance of their current grinding wheels. nexAir suggested sampling PFERD’s wheels as an alternative in their process. Despite initial skepticism, NAK agreed to try the PFERD Ceramic Oxide Grinding Wheel. The difference was immediately noticeable with PFERD’s wheels outperforming the previous product. NAK experienced a 30% cost reduction per wheel while maintaining high quality.

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