How Safety is Vital to Your Success

At nexAir, safety is our priority. We place a high premium on our clients’ peace of mind by providing them with a workplace, products, and services that meet stringent safety standards.

To ensure the safety of our employees, clients and end users, we regularly provide safety and product training sessions and offer only first-rate products and services. Each nexAir training and retraining session is  documented in accordance with all of our ISO certifications.

At nexAir, safety is not simply a goal that can be hit or missed. It is standard operating procedure and a way of working.

Our Safety Products and Services

We serve a wide range of industries where heavy lifting, delicate tools, and physically demanding work are the norm. Employees in these industries are constantly exposed to health and safety risks and regularly put their lives in the hands of machines. It’s critical that these machines function as they’re meant to and that employees know how to operate them properly.

As a manufacturing company, we understand that production lines can be dangerous and one miscalculated move or ignored safety measure can spell disaster, not only for your business, but to your team as well.

To help these industries provide a safe work environment for their employees, we offer a wide range of safety products and services that pass quality standards set by relevant agencies like the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

These include:

– Gloves

– Eye and face protection

– Hearing protection

– Head protection

– Gas detection

– Fall protection

– Fire protection

– Respiratory protection (SCBA, PAPA, SAR, APR)

– Resuscitation equipment

– Dust sampling

– Confined-space equipment

– Lock-out/tag-out products

– Filtration/ventilation systems

– Safe lifting practices

– Qualitative fit test training

– Flammable storage equipment

– Spill-control products

Safety KnowHow

With the proper safety knowledge and equipment, injuries and accidents in the workplace caused by human error or mechanical malfunction can be avoided or significantly reduced.

nexAir’s team of safety engineers, chemists, and technicians prepare and equip your employees to handle our products safely according to your specific applications. We prioritize safety and provide the necessary tools and training to help keep your people, process, and plant safe.

Forge Forward Safely, Successfully

An unsafe work site, lack of proper training,  and substandard products and processes can limit your workers’ performance and drag your productivity down. Frequent staff shortages due to injuries and mechanical breakdowns can also reduce your capacity and derail your growth as a company.

While accidents can happen anywhere and anytime, you can manage the risks and mitigate their possible effects by proactively addressing safety issues before they are compromised.

Commitment That Cares 

A safety breach or breakdown could disrupt your production, weaken your operational capabilities, increase employee anxiety, adversely affect your bottom line, and negatively impact people’s perception of your commitment to excellence.

Your business’ success hinges on the safety of your people, processes, and pursuits. So guard it carefully.

nexAir’s certified safety products and services and KnowHow can enhance your safety SOPs so you can Forge Forward with confidence.




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