Welding Automation in the Aerospace Industry

Welding Automation in Aerospace Industry

Globally many aerospace industries have adapted to using automation for welding processes. In this article, the experts at nexAir share their KnowHow on the importance of welding automation in the aerospace industry and how it would help this industry Forge Forward.

Aerospace industries deal with the production of aircraft and spacecraft technology. These companies widely accept welding automation because the upgraded use of technology in production, welding, and handling of various resources helps increase efficiency and productivity all through the manufacturing process.

What is Welding Automation?
Welding Automation implements the use of robots for better performance and efficiency of the manufacturing of welds. This automation increases the speed, accuracy, quality and readily reduces the chances of errors that may occur in the welding processes.

Welding automation is now used by a wide range of automation industries for welding applications and vast production compared to manual welding. nexAir provides gases such as Argon that are used in automated welding machines. With our KnowHow, aerospace industries can adopt welding automation to make life easy and more enjoyable for welders by increasing the welding accuracy, quality, and precision and improving the welders’ skills.

Why should Aerospace Industries Implement Welding Automation?
Aerospace industries require welding automation for improved flexibility, safety and efficiency. Welding Automation will not only help your welding processes but make your business Forge Forward. 

Relative parts of motors and airplanes are made of components that are often too large for humans to weld. Most times, numerous welders are needed to weld a part. Other parts may be made of exotic metals. High accuracy and precision are needed for efficiency, which explains why welding automation should be implemented. Working technology involving robots helps to minimize cost, save time, and convey high welding quality.

Welding robots are vastly becoming famous because they’ve proven to help reduce numerous risks that are associated with welders, such as radiation, burns, shock from electrics, and injuries, thereby increasing the production process.

Welding robots are better at precision, working with competence repeatedly without reducing their efficiency, unlike humans who are prone to fatigue after working for a while. Robots are wired to work without getting tired while constantly producing accurate results. This improves the physical integrity of the new product, fastens the entire manufacturing process, and increases the safety of the employees.

A very good manual welder can achieve a great outcome. A well-experienced welder makes accurate precisions in some areas, such as travel speed, voltage, and oscillation, but welding is a variable problem that must be resolved in time. Automation helps welders be outstanding and concentrate better on various tasks requiring solutions in split seconds, rather than repeatedly performing tasks that form a massive part of their time.

The introduction of welding automation by these industries has led to the drastic reduction in health issues relating to fatigue and stress and minimized the chances of injuries and accidents to the welders. 

Welders are at liberty to make valuable contributions to the manufacturing process, thereby increasing productivity and profitability if they are not restricted to performing repetitive, time-consuming, strenuous tasks.

The Future of Welding Automation.
Over the years, welding automation has grown globally and is still growing. Many industries are now adding it into their processes; robots now revolutionize the industry, creating new standards for productivity, high-quality products, and the safety of the employees. Soon enough, it would become a staple in the Aerospace World. To make your company Forge Forward, you would need not only the quality gases (for welding and other processes) from us but also our KnowHow. Your company deserves the best; it deserves nexAir.

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