nexAir launches new website to enhance user experience – Gas World

by | Sep 3, 2021

Gas, welding and operational services company nexAir has launched a brand-new website.

The Memphis-based company today (1st September) announced the launch to provide its customers with an enhanced user experience.

Having been several years in the making, the website leans on nexAir’s KnowHow™ campagin which serves customers through knowledge to overcome potential challenges.

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Exciting about the launch, Bill Proctor, President on nexAir, said, “We are thrilled to debut our new company website to our customers, external partners, and industry visitors who are looking to take advantage of the breadth of nexAir’s premium gases and application products.”

“The goal of this new website is to provide visitors with an enhanced user experience complete with increased searchability, delivery of the new brand messaging, and engaging content that reflects the KnowHow™ of the entire nexAir organisation.”

“This website is meant to be used as a tool to educate visitors and empower them to discover new ways to drive success for their businesses while also showing the culture of nexAir as a preferred work environment business partner.”

nexAir Marketing Manager Maria Ricci, added, “This project has been several years in the making, and we are excited to finally have a platform for our customers and potential customers to interact with our brand outside of our social media channels.

“The new website has been the missing piece to our overall marketing strategy and we are looking forward to how it will help us Forge Forward with a more integrated approach.”

nexAir has said the website will be updated on a regular basis.