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Many manufacturers work on large and unwieldy pieces using unsafe welding practices. They use forklifts, cranes, and rigging to hold large workpieces. Worse, they put their people in risky positions to do welding work. That’s why here at nexAir, we recommend welding positioners. 

These production-friendly machines solve the issues your welders face with large and heavy workpieces that requiring precision welding. Positioners make your welding process faster, more efficient, and safer.  They allow 360 degrees of controlled, variable speed, rotation, adjustable height, and a more secure center of gravity. This way, your welders have better access to difficult angles and deep welds for optimal ergonomics.  Including welding positioners on your shop floor is smart business. 

Welding Positioners


Types of Industrial Welding Positioners

Change the Way Your Production Process Flows With Your nexAir Welding Positioner

Here at nexAir, we provide three types of welding positioners depending on your requirement. We have headstock only, the multiple-axis skyhook, or the headstock and tailstock combo. These can be customized for size and the welding system configuration.

Sizes for All Production Needs

Welding positioners come in many sizes. We have table-sized benchtop positioners with moveable turntables, ideal for welding precision components. We also customize and install larger systems. Larger positioners can handle load capacities of 125,000 lbs. These are used by larger fabrication and manufacturing facilities.

If you’re looking for a single-column headstock or a 3-axis skyhook let us know. We can run the numbers with you and come up with a suitable system for your workspace.

Welding Systems + Positioners = Optimized Production

nexAir’s positioners are compatible with manual welding or automatic welding machines. They can be configured in countless ways, too. This means shorter production times. It means better quality and more accurate and precise welds. It means less waste and cost.  Your team will be able to manage jobs more efficiently and safely and in less risky orientations.

We provide positioners for fabrication and manufacturing applications like:

  • Rotary positioning and workpiece rotation
  • Large and heavy workpiece positioning and placement
  • Mounting and execution of manually operated welding systems
  • Mounting of motorized equipment for automation and robotic welding systems
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Increase Your Productivity

Supercharge Your Throughput Safely With Our nexAir Welding Positioner Solutions

nexAir’s ALM welding positioners help increase fabrication production and quality.  We’ve seen increases in production throughput of 30-40%.

Another advantage they offer is shortening weld prep time.  Our welding positioners require very little time to set up. This lets your operators focus on increasing the quality of their welds. They are quick and easy to use. They help your welding operators control and position your workpieces quickly and accurately. Setting up an automated welding system is even easier. Once you have the welding programs uploaded, you’re all good to go.

Ergonomics and Safety Benefits

Welding Used To Be a Tough Job. Make Welding Easier, Safer, and More Secure

Welding positioners offer ease of use, accessibility, and workplace safety. Your welders want to work in a safe environment. They don’t want to risk being injured by poorly secured workpieces.

Accessibility and Ergonomic Use

Welding positioners provide safe access to deep welds without risking your welding team. They no longer need to crawl under or over a workpiece to get to a weld area. They can adjust to a safer and more secure welding position.

Workplace Safety

In the past, fabrication facilities used cranes, fork trucks, and chain hoists to carry workpieces. It was basic and rugged, and dangerous. With welding positioners, workpieces may be raised, rotated, and fixed into a safe and stable position. Welding positioners have a 3:1 Factor of Safety to meet your requirements for a safe and secure working environment.

Is a nexAir ALM Welding Positioner Right For You?

Improve Production Throughput by 30-40%

Welding positioners are excellent for improving your production times which produces a strong return on investment. The ROI is typically between 12 to 24 months.

Another investment advantage that is not immediately obvious is the reduction of overhead.  By streamlining welding and assembly processes, positioners shorten and save you production time. You spend less time on pre-weld prep, which takes a lot of time if you don’t have a positioner. They help manage production more efficiently.

nexAir’s knowledgable team can help you map out a plan to expand your business and scale up production with welding positioners.

Shop Floor Layout & Design

We Can Help Make Your Production Faster and Safer, No Matter How Complex or Refined Your Process Is

Welding positioners are adaptable to any shop layout or design. They are customizable for small fabrication shops and huge manufacturing facilities. Here at nexAir, we know you need equipment that can be fitted into its allocated space. And we can help determine the best possible solution for your shop and needs.

When deciding on a welding positioner, you need to consider two factors. First, you need to consider the size and length of workpieces you working with. This will help you decide which positioner to choose. Second, you need to you need to allocate space based on how big those workpieces are.

Once we have that, we’ll be able to provide you with a recommendation. We will also be taking into account redeployment possibles so that we can anticipate your future growth. All these factors make welding positioners ideal for customers looking to maximize efficiency without having to invest in a new layout design or structure.

Installation, Training, and Service

We’ll Help Prepare Your Team for Your nexAir Welding Positioners

Here at nexAir, we provide top-shelf welding positioner solutions. We provide training, installation and maintenance services, too. Our dedicated support staff are available to assist with whatever you need to ensure your positioners are running up to par.

Industries We Serve

Show Us Your Production Process and We’ll Show How Your Welding Positioner Can Help You Do More

nexAir’s welding positioners offer our clients many advantages. They provide savings on production costs.  They can be customized to fit your production requirements. They improve accuracy and consistency,  speed up production, and reduce scrap and rework costs.

Our clients are varied and serve many industries and markets, like:

  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • Mining and Power Generation
  • Aerospace and Military defense
  • Bus and Recreational Vehicles (RV)
  • Lift Trucks and Robotics
  • Train and Subway
  • Trailer (semi & recreational)
  • Boating and Watersports

We know our customers want high quality welding positioner. And we take a great deal of pride in exceeding their expectations. If you would like to find out more about our ALM welding positioners and how we can help tailor-fit them to your specific needs, give us a call today.

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