Precision Welding Made Easy: nexAir’s Cutting-Edge Automation Tools


The demand for welding processes is higher than ever across sectors like electronics, manufacturing, agriculture, food packaging, and more. To meet the surge in demand, many companies are looking at automation tools for precise and quality welds.

While manual processes will always be part of welding, many businesses recognize the need to adapt despite skill gaps and a limited pool of trained welders. How is nexAir rising to the challenge with its cutting-edge automation tools?

Take a look at our available equipment and technology.

Automation Tools in Welding

Welding automation systems are addressing the labor shortage by providing conventional and modern welding methods. Our automated solutions deliver unprecedented levels of precision in production, consistency, speed, structural integrity, cleanliness, and safety. 

Innovations in robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), digitalization, sensor technology, and the Internet of Things (IoT) all elevate the performance of automation tools and systems, revolutionizing welding processes on the floor.

With automation, there is a great reduction in errors and variables. The superior precision of each weld enables companies to meet the most exacting demands. They are empowered to produce complex welds whether for aerospace, electronics, or construction. 

Leverage nexAir’s Cutting Edge Automation Tools

We can help you identify the most suitable and optimum automation tools for your business based on your specific needs. We tailor our systems so you can maximize the benefits of automation. 

nexAir assesses your workflow, pain points, and requirements so we can propose automation solutions that will help you achieve your goals.

Robotic Welding System

Automated welding with robotics increases precision and productivity while enhancing safety in the workplace. We offer automated welding systems for laser welding, plasma arc welding robots, robotic TIG welding, and robotic MIG welding.

We can also customize our robotic system for high-production variable tasks. 

These systems take care of tedious, repetitive welding tasks with faster throughput and lower costs. 

Vectis Cobot Welding Tool 

You can also incorporate our Vectis Cobot Welding Tool into your fabrication process. It offers easy-to-use features like DIY installation, plug-and-play systems (no need for programming), intuitive software, and a handy weld template library.

CNC Plasma Cutting

Our CNC (computer numeric control) metal-cutting machines are fitted into fabrication lines that manufacture parts and components. The program enables the machine to produce metal sheets that are precisely cut into specific shapes and sizes.  

Laser Welding 

For narrow and deep welds, we recommend the laser welding tool or a concentrated heat beam that offers precise targeting and weld processing. It is highly convenient and safe as the process can be done from a safe distance without emitting fumes, smoke, or gases. 

Welding Positioners

We offer three types of welding positioners. These can be customized to suit various sizes or welding system requirements. Compatible with manual and automated welding, our positioners deliver precise and quality welds faster with less waste and lower costs.  

Hercules Welding System

The Hercules™ High-Deposition Automated Welding System is a powerful, game-changing tool for high-deposition welding. This automated MIG welding system is cost-efficient and delivers a 30% higher deposition rate without requiring additional cell welds.  

Forge Forward With the Right Welding Automation Tools and Training

Using automation tools is imperative for fabrication companies that are committed to meeting rising demands. By partnering with nexAir, you can establish a reputation for producing superior welds while optimizing productivity and employee safety. 

We can help you make the transition towards full or partial welding automation. Our nexAir KnowHow provides updated and relevant industry knowledge so you can always be at the forefront of the best techniques.

Contact us today for a free consultation.  


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