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Reviews for the Location

5 star review   Really helpful with product information and recommendations on different types of gases and uses, affordable and has nice equipment and accessories!

Gorman Cassidy

5 star review   Helped me get a 20lb c02 tank quickly!!

Kathleen Faulkner

5 star review   Very Professional Staff

Samuel Tullis

5 star review   GAS

t dunson

5 star review  

Expertos en Frio #expertosenfrío

5 star review   always good to deal with

Justin Squyres

5 star review   Needing a medium duty Torch for occasional use. Store manager was very help explaining the pros & cons for Acetalin vs Propane and had both kits in stock. Purchased tanks & Gas set .

rod hubbard

4 star review   Google’s listing of open hours is in error stating 7:30AM. They do not open until 8:00AM.

Roland Menero

5 star review  

Gene Mckean

5 star review  

James Cauthon

5 star review   One stop shop for your welding supplies. Best customer service.

Jared Dennis

5 star review  

jeff montaigne

5 star review   Always helpful and kind. Never have a problem

Tim Miller

5 star review   Helpful and friendly staff.

Trish Smpsn

5 star review  

Michael Nelson

5 star review  

Keith Maxwell

5 star review   I love itttt!!!

Idk Idk

5 star review   Pretty great welding supply store. If they dont have something they'll order it for you on the spot. Good customer service all around.


5 star review   I was hoping to get my 20lb Aluminum CO2 tank filled close to home. This place swaps them out for $14.50 (Feb 2009). Not too bad a trade for the convenience.

Bruno Bronosky

5 star review   Lorretta at Douglasville Ga branch is great! Very helpful But corporate costumer service over the phone are rude!

Gonzalez Gonzalez

5 star review  

Philip Willingham

4 star review  

Actore The_[]_Actore

1 star review  

Leonardo Corona

3 star review   Great pol

Joshua The seeker

5 star review   Awesome group of people!!!! Very knowledgeable and friendly! !!

Brett Parker

3 star review   Friendly

Danu Micko

5 star review  

Artie Rose

5 star review  

Andres Dickson

5 star review   Nice clean and plenty of room to turn and back in thanks !

johnny kirkland

5 star review  

Autumn Solomon

5 star review   Great service and friendly!

Valerie Penwell

1 star review   There listed to fill co2 tanks on Google but when I show up he can't fill co2 tabk because they don't have the fitting. I've had a few recent bad days and this just sucks.

Fifth_ Seal

1 star review   Door says that they open at 8:00 It's 8:10 on a Monday and still noone has unlocked the door, finally got inside and the guy behind the counter never said hello or anything he acts like he hates his life and knows nothing about his product. Don't even try to ask him the price on anything because he doesn't know.

Kyle Parrish

3 star review   They have a decent amount of stuff for welding supply, but the guy who works the counter is so slow and incompetent it’s insane he has to walk around the supply room more then once on every item to check numbers. Don’t go in there asking him for parts cause he has no clue about any of the stuff has he has to go get his boss every time. Very frustrating.

tony porto

5 star review   Get in and out quick

Richard Sudds

1 star review   I give one star because I had to . Nex air in louisville ms doesn’t stay open as long as web site states. Went there twice to refill bottles before stated closing unsuccessful. Called them and they would not stay open till stated closing to swap my bottles out . I’m on my way to Kosciusko to young welding supply now.

kevin hopkins

1 star review   Disappointed that they close up shop 5 min early. I pulled in at 4:56 due to being at work all day. Made it just in time, to watch the only 2 cars in the parking lot pull out together as I was pulling in. They didn’t back up and ask if I needed help. I get CO2 tanks monthly, and there isn’t a chance I’d come back due to this.

Steven Roberts

5 star review   Customer service here is fantastic! Knowledgeable staff and very reasonable prices for top of the line equipment. Highly recommended!

Charles X

5 star review   Newbie to cutting torches and had a very good experience with the guys at the counter. Very friendly and interested in helping a me with an O2 tank exchange. Will be happy to trade there again.

Marcus Merritt

5 star review   They are helpful and courteous. Always have what i need at a good price.

Robert Dopp

5 star review   Curteous, professional personnel and service. Great place to buy Welding gas, equipment and supplies.

Gary Moore

1 star review   You can't actually buy it from this location make sure you pay attention

Joe Cataldo

5 star review   Perfect

Cheese Man

5 star review   Very friendly and informative, great customer service! I will definitely use them again. Thank you! Great place to get dry ice for anything you need!

Dan S

5 star review   Great service and great people, very knowledgeable about welding supplies and all types of gases.

Artie Rose

5 star review   Just had an interview with Mr. Craig. Super cool dude. Whether I get the job or not, the experience was professional. Seems like a nice place to work.

Jarvius Walls

5 star review   Welding equipment and supplies, all types of compressed and Liquid gases

Arthur Rose

5 star review   Great company to deal with, excellent customer service.

Thomas Hughes

5 star review  

Jacob Holcomb

5 star review   Lisa, the manager is very helpful and kind! I have been doing business for over two years now and I keep going back because of her. Thanks Lisa

Domenico Bosco

5 star review  

Salem Olson

5 star review  

Blair Ficklin

4 star review  

Carsten Best

5 star review   Dannon the manager is such a great guy! He was working late I guess and I pulled in and realized he was closing. He offered to stay and answer our questions. Great business with customer service skills! Can't find that anymore.

Alysia hickman

5 star review   Mom and pop feel with big business resources

Dennis Carter

5 star review  

mathew boalch

3 star review  

Daniel Minor

5 star review  

Terry Peterson

5 star review  

Sam Gilmore

5 star review  

Cody Hassebrook

5 star review   Best products. Best advice. Best Gas. SO to Chad. Thanks for all the help!

Aaron Reimink

4 star review   Didn't have lots of welding supplies but worth a visit had good stuff

Tommy Morris

5 star review  

Tim T

5 star review   Great staff!!! Very helpful!!! Went above and beyond to get all the things I needed!!

Lisa Hoff

5 star review   Rented a helium tank for my daughter's birthday. Very friendly and helpful!

Bianca Kauffman

5 star review  

Thomas Davidson

5 star review  

Brian Berry

5 star review   Andrew is always a big help when I call!!

Jodi Hale

5 star review   Awesome, fast and friendly service! Ronny is the man!

Stephen Tyler Workman

5 star review   Great place to get co2 refills for a draft beer system.

Adam D'Ambra (RADINCC)

5 star review   We frequent here whenever we need to refill a kegerator CO2 bottle. They don't actually refill them but exchange for a full bottle. I was initially hesitant because I had a brand new bottle but with my exchange the bottle I received was a little bit worn. The appearance doesn't really matter the product and bottle are fully functional so it's really just a psychological thing.

Rachel D'Ambra


Ken Proctor

4 star review  

Kevin Terrell Washington

5 star review   For the area is the preferred choice

Joseph Fajardo

5 star review   Very professional crew! Informative and helpful!

Lynora Mae

5 star review  

Jorge A Velazquez

5 star review  


5 star review  

Jeff Nichols

5 star review  

Dana Rathel

5 star review   Great experience with NexAir in Fort Myers. They were super helpful and friendly the three times I called before my order with quite a few questions. They got my rental tank right away and helped loading up when I came to do the rental without any kind of reservation or appointment. They gave me a discount because I was using it for a project with a nonprofit. Highly recommended! Thank you!


5 star review   Not sure why some have had a negative experience. Went to get set up with and oxy acetylene rig to do some hobby brazing. I had lots of questions and David answered them all. He was very helpful making sure I was getting exactly what I needed. Excellent service and experience.

Scott Tuttle (Porkchop)

5 star review   Great customer service. I buy beverage-grade co2 from them, and have never had an issue. At one point I thought the co2 had a different taste and they swapped it out for free to get it tested- everything came back fine. It was a piece of equipment from my kegerator that affected the taste instead, but it was awesome to see how ready they were to make it right.

Maddy Eagle

1 star review   I wish I could give them 0 stars because they aren't even worthy of 1. Absolutely awful customer service. Call center said they had three tanks that we needed in stock and quoted us a price. When we show up the price is 40% higher and they guy working the counter was absolutely useless. Stay clear of these people unless you like getting screwed over.

Caleb MacPherson

5 star review   I was in a bind and needed some welding supplies asap, I went in and everyone was friendly, very professional and helped me get exactly what I needed! I am not sure why they have been rated so low, but I will certainly continue to use them for all my future welding needs!

Brandon Robinson

4 star review   availability second to none. be sure to call ahead to make sure they have what you need. Friendly but unaaccurate service. Went to exchange 2 20lb CO2 tanks for my kegorators. the exchange went great except the person working there gave me 2 tanks with no handles. I asked him if he had any with handles and he said he didn't have any with handles but right next to the 2 tanks he gave me with out handles there were a couple of tanks with handles. I asked about those and he told me the had a different gas in them. they didn't I happen to look at them after I got my receipt. It wouldn't have mattered except for my carperal tunnel with wrists. I called an hour before I drive 45 minutes 1 way . the person on the phone told me they had 13 20lbco2 tanks .took me a couple of days for my wrists to feel better to type this review

pete iadarola

5 star review   Well run, professional but friendly.

Steven Stresau

5 star review   When you need welding supplies the place to go is Praxair, I GOT A BOTTLE OF CO2/ARGON FROM INDIAN RIVER OXYGEN that expired in 4 months, when I came back to exchange the bottle they gave me , they wanted me to pay for the hydro test even that I gave them in exchange a bottle that had 4 years left, I was told that it was my responsibility to check the expiration date, I called praxair in Ft Pierce and they say to bring the bottle in, no charge for the hydro test . great people, great place to do business, thank you Mark you are the best!!!!!!!

Ricardo Rodriguez

5 star review  

Rick Kollesson

3 star review  

Jason Knight

5 star review   Extremely knowledgeable and helpful staff.


5 star review   They are so freaking awesome.

Julian McCoy

1 star review  

Eulogio Hernandez

5 star review  

Rebecka Boulet

1 star review  

Gonzalo Irigo

2 star review  

Sam Sisavath

4 star review   If your a industrial company that needs gas this is the place to go

Russell Gordon

5 star review   Great company sells oxygen, propane, and other welding gases and equipment

Joshua Sperry

1 star review   Won't be using nexair again anytime soon. I was charged 340 dollars for a rebuild on my argon flowmeter. When I received product it was rebuilt incorrectly. They offered to fix problems for only 130 more dollars. I declined seemed 470 dollars was to much to have into a regulator as was the original 340 i spent. Very unsatisfied !!!

John Otto

5 star review   I'm a service technician for a local plumbing company and here lately I've done a couple jobs for this company. I can tell you this much,... you will not find better people than these fine folks here at NexAir! There is still alot of good people in this world so when you cross paths with some be sure to let them know that you appreciate them! To everyone down here at NexAir,.... THANK YOU for your hospitality and for using us for all of your plumbing needs. -James #JESUSwillLOVEtheHELLoutOfyou

James L. Hensley III

5 star review   Great Service......really good prices

Scott Ledbetter

4 star review  

Bobby Joe Orman

5 star review  

Shaun Edwards

5 star review  

LaQuinta Inn

5 star review  

Reginald Adams

2 star review   Expensive.... Bring in great canister leave with rusted crud. I'll go to cocoa from now on.

Bryan Knight

1 star review   I will never use this location again. I’d rather drive twice as far use AirGas for my future welding supplies...

TJ Rew

5 star review   These guys are great ! Very helpful I get all my welding supply s from them ! They always have what I need ! The counter guy is always a pleasure to talk with as is the guys out back !

James A

5 star review   Cool people

George Clay Jr.

1 star review   Occasionally require liquid nitrogen and Praxair is closest, although still a 45-minute drive. Initially, the counter-person insisted on an approved LN container (vs an arguably safer dual stainless steel wall vacuum bottle). Fine. I procured the certified container at some expense and more trips, but then they insisted on an overnight drop-off procedure, requiring two hour-and-a-half round trips, with no assurance that the second trip will result in a full LN container. Add to it the younger gentleman working the counter is rude, generally unhelpful and passive aggressive. The older gentleman is very nice, but Praxair seems to have placed the younger rude fellow in-charge. If one can get their industrial gas supplies somewhere else, it will save a lot of heartburn and angst.

Tom Noyb

5 star review   Best location, expert advice, fast and accurate customer service and plenty of Gases and welding supply inventory.

Ignacio Rodriguez

5 star review   Good PLACE

Edwin Alvez

5 star review   Fast service

David Coverdale

5 star review   It is a special place where you can find everything you are looking for and receive good attention from its employees.

Guillermo Arnold

5 star review   Very good service and attention and customer support

mario perez

4 star review   Very fair pricing and friendly service


5 star review   Nice people. Quality refill gas!

Mauritz Pesik

3 star review  

David Lowry

4 star review  

Tim T

5 star review  

Mr. DD

5 star review   High caliber staff with a focus on customer service and providing innovative solutions. They exceeded my expectations in every way.


5 star review   Quick cylinder exchanges. They are a stocking Hypertherm dealer. I bought my 45xp here. Very happy it. Friendly, and fair pricing.

Ryan Kensinger

5 star review   Great pricing and Justin is helpful and very friendly

Joseph Lagares

5 star review   Had a great transaction. Will do business here in the future.

Daryl Fahner

5 star review   Great knowledge and service

Dominique C

1 star review   Great business, very courteous employees. Will find a way to answer your questions and help.

Mitchell Douglas

3 star review   Very expensive prices on consumables and equipment. Gas is a little high. They know they're one of the few local stores. Miller tips are usually .38 they charge 2.00, nozzles are 3.50, they charge 18$. Spent 60$ on what should have been 25$. This store is emergency use only for me.

Logan Scanlon

5 star review   Go beyond and above to help the customer.

Gavin Liford

3 star review   nexAir, LLC

Kurtis Jay

2 star review  

Shadow Dragon_X

4 star review   This is my old store when it was praxair and looks like next Air is taken the whole property to the next level and I'm glad to hear that staff is stepping up. The new manager Paul is great people

Mark costa

5 star review   stopped in today for my first argon tank purchase.these guys made it quick and painless.they were very courteous.made my fist visit a breeze.not to mention the had the best price in town!.bought my own 125 cf tank and some steel welding rods.will definately return,they have my business

Joseph Stanson

3 star review   The staff it's overly friendly, but they are knowledgeable about gas. As for as welders and consumables are concerned, I don't think they carry that much of a selection. Decent shop though, I'm sure they can order you in what you need.

Jared L

1 star review   They deliver to an associates home of mine but didn’t want to be of assistance after they were referred to me. On the phone the associate scoffed at my question and essentially said that my associate couldn’t really be getting oxygen through them..

Devin Blurton-Poulsen

1 star review   Horrible customer service.

John G

5 star review   Organized, clean, profesional, well stocked business. Excited to do business with these folks.

Robin Ziegler

5 star review   Best place to get torch bottles filled/ exchanged. Fast.

Travis Steeby

5 star review   Excellent customer service and good prices on tank exchange. This will be my go to place for welding gas. Much nicer drive to Palatka than it is to Jacksonville anyway.

Michael Johnson

1 star review   Won't do business with them again.

Minor Catledge

5 star review  

Philip Gallo

4 star review   Not to bad a place. We visited because there are no welding stores in our area. He bought 2 welding hats and looked at some tools. Im glad to know this place is here so i can sneak him little welding gifts.

Sheley White

5 star review  

Stan Jones

5 star review   Great customer service, easy to work with

James Merryman

5 star review   Very knowledgeable, and helpful.

Patty Johnson

4 star review   Don't expect it to open at 8. Other than that its a good shop.

hecner hernandez

5 star review   They are a pleasure to work with.

David Tebera

5 star review   Excellent customer service, knowledgeable and friendly

Shannon Locke

5 star review   These guys are. Great

sean Carney

5 star review   Great people.

Lynn Jones

5 star review  

Joseph Elliot

1 star review   I used them in the past but the customer service has waned and dropped the ball on a few of my asks

Free Click

4 star review  

Actore The_[]_Actore

5 star review   They have kept me safe as I learn welding for jewelry.

Deep SandDan

5 star review   The service was quick and very helpful. I am in construction but only do hobby type welding. I needed consumables, wire, nozzles, etc. for a mig welder I had not used for a long time. Paul helped me make sure I got the parts I needed in a friendly and patient way. I highly recommend this company for the professional as well as the "scatter blasters" like me.

greg k

5 star review   Lots of knowledgeable friends! Great service

Ronald Kaisen

5 star review   Great, quick, friendly, and knowledgeable staff!

Stane Begovic

5 star review  

Joe Gonzalez

1 star review   Unfortunate experience. My boyfriend called and asked for a price of a 5lb co2 tank filled. I went to pick it up a couple days later. The price was more than 10.00 more! Ladies expect to pay more here. I would steer clear of this place. PLUS they sold me a used tank at the new price.


1 star review   They used to be a good company - reliable and always available. In the last 4 weeks, I have not been able to reach them once. Only an answering service. I've put in two orders, neither have been delivered. I requested a call back, have not received it. We will no longer be using this company. Airgas is much more reliable.

Emerald Coast Animal Hospital

1 star review   Google said open until 5, showed up at 4:30, said they close at 4:30 and wouldn’t help. Terrible customer service.

Samuel Lewis

1 star review   Extremely unprofessional.

Melanie Luksic

5 star review   My son works here and they have been very accommodating regarding his school schedule


3 star review   I don't remember nexair

John Christophet

4 star review   Yeah we'll go there for cylinder for a forklift they always Pleasant

Jose Cabrera

5 star review  

Angel Underneath

1 star review   Guess I was wrong to go in to the store. Bad bad customer service. Like I was disturbing the guy. Rude.

Tyler Durden

5 star review  

Rob Phil

5 star review  

Albert Karr

5 star review   Great guys. Love going there.

George Clay Jr.

5 star review   Exelente vendedor atiende ahy

Hugo Soto Lastra

1 star review   My vehicle broke down on their lot and the man proceeded to yell at me to move the vehicle. Im clearly 100 pounds so I advised the tow truck was on the way and still he yelled at me. Whoever these workers are they need an attitude adjustment. I hope he becomes a better person

Chanel Ham

5 star review  

Sidney Geary

5 star review  

oliver pina

1 star review   So I had service for 15 years or more now with NexAir. If I could rate this company below a 0, I would. They are no longer competitive, it's always a phone tag game to get invoices corrected and over the last few months, all the pricing, surcharges, fees and rental pricing has increased significantly. I have pulled my business for a more competitive vendor (AirGas). I have purchased all non-gas materials from AirGas for a long time so I am fully aware of their customer service. Now they get it all. Since I pulled my business and we have to use up our purchased gas products, my rental on the tanks I have remaining have gone up TWICE. There's a reason your accounts are dwindling and it's because you treat your customers like a number, not a customer. Good luck.

Edward Hutchinson

1 star review   This store is less than a mile from my manufacturing business. I’ve been in the store three times and the employees are rude and unhelpful. Went to the store the first time ready to buy Miller equipment to outfit my business but had a few questions. Employee knew nothing and didn’t care to help. He handed me an ad for Lincoln welders on sale. I spent over $10k with another vendor on equipment. Went in today for gas, tungsten and rods. Employee was rude and condescending. Now I’m driving an hour round trip to Boggs which I should have done in the first place. If you own a business, don’t waste your time with these guys. Just use Boggs.

James Stern

4 star review  

Chanda Kinney

5 star review  

Mike Young

5 star review   Nice clean place. Fast service.

A dhillon

5 star review  

Jon Pike

5 star review   Great employees

X Bones

5 star review   Great service! Very knowledgeable guys.

Sergio Pantoja

5 star review   Cody and Bob are the best!

Joann Guzman

5 star review   Fantastic Customer service, will buy from them again

Nathaniel Miller

5 star review   This place is very helpful and has what I need.

Chris “WAZP” Nelson

5 star review   Never a problem, always a laugh. Great guys

Renzo M. (BlastedTek)

5 star review   I'm here from overseas and didn't know how to get argon or anything around here. Came to this place this morning and got excellent help. In and out within minutes 💯


1 star review   Place sucks. Rude staff, like i was bothering his video game playing. Think the SOB got his personality in a train wreck! Screw off i wont be back !!

Robert Statile

5 star review   The gentleman working here didn't have what I needed but went out of his way to make a couple calls and sent me to a place where I was able to get done what I needed. Thank you

Nilo Bernier

5 star review   Super helpful and friendly staff

Dewey Straughn

5 star review  

Courtney Straughn

5 star review  

Chad Jacobs

5 star review   Thor is always very helpful getting tanks and LOX to take care of our patients.

Donovan Borman

5 star review   Got all your gasses and welding needs


1 star review   I dropped off an jumbo D o2 cylinder to be filled over what I believe was about 6 months ago. I have called multiple times to get my tank back and nobody knows where it is. Worst gas service I have ever dealt with.

Evan Pemberton

5 star review   Great people that always take care of us! I drive double the miles necessary, just to be their customer.

Lady R of Aberdeenshire

5 star review   Pleasure doing business with them, friendly customer service.

Charlotte Atwell

1 star review   Well about 10 years back I was renting bottles from praxair witch was bought out bye next air ...and up till month ago no problem getting refills on them ...now sence I own them instead of renting them they can't get none in and it has been 3 to 4 weeks with out any to weld with ...I'm a home shop and don't use much at a time so renters was costing way to much so I spent well over 2000 bucks being mine to stop paying rent to them for much as I use...but now have a few jobs ready to do and still no gas ...and that shows so much greed the small guy has no chance .....

Bobby Beasley

5 star review   Paul was very helpful and got us the dry ice we needed.


5 star review   I have scientific requirement for specialized Nobel gasses. They are knowledgeable, friendly and conductbusiness professioally UT actually remembered my special application ND provided Instructional support.

Neal Butler

3 star review   i actually ♡ this place! Need to add more photos

Misty Dawson

5 star review   Good people to deal with

Chris Lee

5 star review  

Reggie Whiddon

5 star review   Needed a welding machine, the man working here helped me find exactly what I needed and got a great price for it as well. Very Helpful

Rob Phil

5 star review   Nice and courteous people.

Beverly Riley

3 star review   Not open to the public.

William “Smiling Jack” Kyzer

5 star review   Shout out to David with your company for helping us a couple weeks ago with our oxygen! He provided A+ service, was friendly and efficient in a timely manner. We can't say enough good things about him! Thanks!

Jon Ward

1 star review   I would give it no stars if I could drove all the way from Enterprise just to find out they closed early, due to having to make a bank run. So glad I wasted my gas and time!

Terry Levine

5 star review   Amazing Service!!

Awesomeness Funny

2 star review   Wow. $53 for a 20lb propane refill. "They charge a hazmat fee". Without that fee it was $38 for a 20lb tank refill. Nice manager, but pricing is more than twice the going rate (may 2022)

Ken Horkavy

1 star review   Extremely unprofessional. The people who are putting five stars literally either work there, or friends and family.😂

Melanie Luksic

4 star review   The guy said he usually drives rhe truck and doesn't run the store. But I couldn't tell. He did everything I needed and was very knowledgeable. He mentioned they weren't the cheapest place for welding supplies but I happen to think they're very competitive prices and well worth going a couple extra miles to get whst you need

All Fleet

1 star review   No words for this place literally no words for this place.

mario viladrosa

5 star review   Great place to swap out your bbq tanks. Neat clean organized. 2 minutes from the time I pulled in I was on my way with 2 clean full tanks. They have a new happy customer


5 star review   A super professional business, today I went to buy some things and they helped me more than necessary, I recommend this business 1000% and God bless you

yandy TV

5 star review   Great customer service! Excellent selection. Will get what you need.

Multiplatformx Fields

5 star review   Very helpful and informative

Jeff Barrett

5 star review   Great place!

Rick Warthen

5 star review   Hands down the best welding gas and accessory supplier in Jacksonville. These people will take care of you 100%. I stand behind and support this company and every one of the employees. They are all amazing people to work with. They care about you and are way better priced compared to other's around town. Do not go to anywhere else call NexAir and they will help you. Tell them Adam sent you!. Thanks for everything Nexair!

Adam Shields

5 star review   Anthony helped me out with a dry ice order. Good guy and safety conscious.


3 star review   The first time I went there, the counter clerk was a real jerk. I mean bad enough that if he worked for me in my business, I would have dismissed him on the spot. The next trip, the older guy was there. Whereas he seemed to be grumpy after some behind-the-scenes encounter with the jerk...he was never the less MUCH better to deal with than the initial younger guy. The young guy is frankly toxic. If I have to deal with him again...I will go elsewhere.

Rian Llanos

2 star review   Go to aardvark beversges if they are closed. They do refills there. They are located next to the airgas fill station about 25 min away. Don't show up 5 minutes before they close because apparently they lock the doors early. There goes my 45 minute drive

a a

1 star review   Won’t refill my brand new co2 bottle… really??!!

Charlie Cimino

1 star review   Counter guy was helpful but told me they were not accepting any new customers... They wouldn't sell a bottle as that would create a shortage somewhere else... business must be good!

Richard Glaeser

1 star review   Bad service people.

Justin Young

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